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Senior Care Advisor and Placement Consultant Services

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Misty Stevenson, RN, BSN, is a seasoned senior care advisor with over

24 years of nursing experience. With a diverse background in case management, insurance, long-term care, assisted living, skilled nursing, home health, and hospice,

Misty brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Beyond her nursing credentials, Misty is the proud owner of a non-medical home care agency, where she continues to make a difference in the lives of her clients. Additionally, she carries on her family legacy as the owner of a luxury Personal Care Home renowned for its exceptional care standards.

Misty's extensive experience in sales and

marketing has enabled her to establish numerous connections within her local community and gain in-depth knowledge of the local healthcare landscape. With her passion for providing compassionate care and her commitment to excellence,

Misty is dedicated to guiding families through the complex process of senior care with professionalism and empathy.

Let Me Show You The Difference!

Elite Care Senior Care Advisor and Placement Consultant Services prioritize discovering the ideal community tailored to your unique needs or those of your loved ones. Our process commences with a consultation with a Senior Care advisor to determine your needs, including financial considerations and preferred locations. Subsequently, we curate personalized tours of selected communities, accompanying you every step of the way to provide advocacy, address queries, and alleviate concerns, facilitating informed decision-making. Throughout the entirety of our engagement, we remain readily accessible to address inquiries, facilitate access to additional information or resources, and offer guidance as needed. Elite Care recognizes the urgency of selecting the appropriate long-term care community, often within tight timeframes. Therefore, we assure you that our approach will be characterized by professionalism and an unwavering commitment to your best interests, regardless of the urgency of your decision-making process.

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